Tajikeimɨk works closely with the 13 Health Directors, and takes guidance from Chiefs and councils and Grand Council. But we also need to hear from community members. What are your priorities for health and wellness?

Below are the Talking Circle questions from the 2023 community Mawio’mi’ji’j events. Please share your thoughts!

Please do not submit personal health information through this form. If you would like to submit personal stories confidentially, please mail your responses to us at:

Tajikeimɨk – Mawio’mi’ji’j Talking Circles
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Your Name

What excites you most about having our own health and wellness organization – what opportunities are you hoping will happen through Tajikeimɨk?

Koqoey maw-wlkask ki’l wjit ku’knmnenew tel-pma’tu’kw Tajikeimɨkewey – koqoey ajipjutmn wjian Tajikeimɨk nikana’tu’k kinu?

What health or wellness support or service do you wish was available in Mi’kmaw communities today?

Talamu’k apoqnmasuti ajipjutmn i’ktn ta’n apoqnmulkitew siaw-wlo’ltinew kikmanaq Mi’kmaw-utanl kiskuk?

Culture, traditional healing practice, and language are important to health and healing. How would you like to see these included in the health system that we are building?

Ta’n telo’lti’kw, teli-npitaqati’kw, aq ta’n teli’sulti’kw kes-nuta’ql wjit tajiko’ti aq wjit ta’n teli-ktupkwia’ti’kw. Tal-nmitu’nl ki’l ta’n ki’s-tli -e’wmu’kupp Tajikeimɨkiktuk ta’n atel ula poqjitu’kw?

We are starting this journey – what advice do you have for Tajikeimɨk?

Atel na poqt-lukuti’kw. Me’j ki’l koqoey nsituo’qn kisi-iknmatmukk ta’n jiptueke’l apoqnmats Tajikeimɨk?

Join us on this journey

Community organizations and members will have opportunities to help shape and develop health and wellness programs and service priorities for the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia. Stay up to date with progress by following us on social media.

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