Elukuti'kw wjit Naji-Wlo'ltinenew Utanminal.
We are working toward better health for all in our communities.

Tajikeimɨk is the new and developing health and wellness organization being created to lead health transformation for Mi’kmaw communities in Nova Scotia.

Health transformation is the process of the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia taking control of the design and delivery of their health and wellness services to improve overall health for individuals and communities.

Over this multi-year journey, the health transformation process will build on, grow and evolve the health and wellness services and programs used by Mi’kmaw people in Nova Scotia, with a focus on high-quality, culturally safe and wholistic approaches.

The Chiefs and Health Directors from the 13 First Nations in Nova Scotia have long been working in their communities, and with Mi’kmaw organizations, to address gaps in health services and improve wellness. This work has created a strong foundation to build health transformation.

Latest Updates

  • Tajikeimɨk to receive funding to support care for mental health, addictions in community

    Tajikeimɨk to receive $150,000 in funding from NS Office of Addictions and Mental Health

  • More Funding to Support Healthcare Recruitment in Mi’kmaw Communities

    Funding for a magazine and website focusing on Mi’kmaw nurses and career opportunities - NS Office of Healthcare Professionals Recruitment

  • Read Aknutmaqn ~ news and updates from Tajikeimik

    Includes stories on Mawio’mi 2022: Developing our vision for health and wellness, your feedback on the event, next steps for engagement and event photos

  • MFI Annual Report: Tajikeimɨk Early Years

    Check out the Martin Family Initiative's annual report excerpt on the new Tajikeimɨk Early Years program

  • New cultural safety curriculum for clinicians

    First Nations, Mi'kmaq-led research leads to cultural safety curriculum for clinicians, IWK Health and Tajikeimɨk

Join us on this journey

Community organizations and members will have opportunities to help shape and develop health and wellness programs and service priorities for the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia. Stay up to date with progress by following us on social media.

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